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Remote measurement & monitoring  is our speciality. For the past 20 years we have monitored critical infrastructure, buildings, mining operations, tailings dams, bridges, construction sites, settlement, slopes and much, much more,

As technology has evolved, so the methodologies have evolved. Once upon a time it was OK to have a bunch of monolithic systems monitoring different aspects on projects. Perhaps there would be a geotechnical monitoring system, an environmental system, a geodetic system, and a seismic system. Each would sit within its own monolithic empire, and data exchange was rare and difficult.

This has all changed, but not necessarily been realized, with the advent of the Cloud. There are now so many excellent products for data storage and integration, analytics and visualization that it just doesn’t make sense to stay with the monoliths (see our short video here).


Hardware and Software

We have partnered with some of the leading monitoring equipment manafacturers. Whether you need to measure a million devices once an hour, or one device 1000’s of times per second – we have the solution.

We use AWS cloud infrastructure to power our applications. Inbuilt storage, data management and integration, analytics and visualization tools help us some of the way.

We also use Tableau for extra special visualisations, and we have a full-stack Java / React capability to really take it to the next level.


Dig Deep Into Your Data

An example is useful to illustrate this: slope stability is highly dependent on groundwater conditions, which in turn depend on rainfall. Other factors including wind direction, velocity and tides can influence coastal slopes. Predicted and actual rainfall can be integrated into the monitoring system, along with any other pertinent information. Smart Analytics can then be used to estimate the risk of failure.

Using yesterday’s data (historic measurements), today’s data (from sensors in the field) and tomorrow’s data (from predictive sources like the weather bureau), can improve our understanding of when risk events are likely to happen.

This video shows how this can be done. Imagine integrating this with your field measurements! Talk to us now.



Our seismometers are installed in Asia, Europe, North America and Australasia. Talk to us for your next project.

Hydraulic Hole-Lock for Seismometer Coupling

Hole-lock devices are used to couple sensors at specific depths in boreholes for either short or longer term measurements (<2 years). The simple hydraulic components provide reliability and high coupling force.

High Pressure & Temperature Borehole Seismometer

The F41-15 is a high-tilt and high temperature triaxial borehole seismometer. It is designed for installation in extreme high-temperature environment up to 150 °C, such as geothermal systems.This model is suitable for test well or behind casing installation.

Shallow Posthole Seismometer

The F72-2.0 is IESE’s readily deployed shallow posthole sonde for use in micro-earthquake detection and analysis. It is designed for installation in up to 100 m vertical holes. An alternate model, the F72-4.5 offers a higher tilt tolerance in exchange for a higher corner frequency.

Slimhole Seismometer

The Model F50-4.5 is a moderate-tilt and moderate-temperature triaxial borehole seismometer. It is designed for installation in temperature environments up to 70 °C, such as geothermal systems. Its primary use is for micro-earthquake detection and analysis.

Borehole Seismometer Observatory Grade

The Model G202-1.0 is a triaxial borehole seismometer which combines low corner frequency and high-sensitivity. The S62g-1.0 features the highest in-class performance level in sensitivity, reliability and longevity for micro-earthquake detection. A single component G110-1.0 model is also available.

Borehole Seismometer

The Model G88-2.0 and G88-4.5 are triaxial borehole seismometers. All three orthogonal component in these models are gimbaled to give borehole deviation. The S22 series models are purpose built for long term or permanent installation in high temperature hostile boreholes.

Cloud Services

We are an AWS partner, and focus our applications around AWS infrastructure. Neverthess, there are times when the cloud is too far away, and we need to go local, either with EDGE computing, or a hybrid system.

Rapid Application Design

Using spreadsheets for critical data? You know the risks. Let us convert your spreadsheets into cloud-based apps, so your people can input data directly onto secure infrastructure.

Five Spheres. One Mission.

Remote Measurement and Monitoring relies on a chain of building blocks. Reliability and Security are paramount. Systems need to be able to withstand the rigors of remote deployment. 

We work with you to design and build systems that are reliable and secure, to help ensure that critical data gets to those who need it. FAST.

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