Changing the Way You Monitor Critical Assets

  • Unleash value from your monitoring, and pro-actively manage risk
  • The EIESE (“Easy”) Monitoring Platform is fully integrated into Amazon Web Services, from datalogger through to analysis, visualization and reporting
  • Advanced in-field analytics trigger local alarms based on complex inputs, even when telemetry systems are down.
  • One datalogger, or thousands. Scaleable and secure.
  • Your data is YOUR data, and you have access to it from the point of collection onwards, allowing you to do the analysis you need.


Geotechnical Monitoring

Fibre optic strain, movement, settlement, pressure and temperature measurements for linear infrastructure projects, both newbuilts and retrofit. Our fully integrated system combines the design, installation of sensors and networks, data collection, collation, management and hosting and analysis and reporting into a fully customizable project solution.

Structural Monitoring

Seismic and vibration measurement delivering an online ontime healthcheck for your project before, during and after structural challenges, such as earthquakes, nearby construction and other physical impacts.


Includes our unique range of surface and deephole sondes and complete data acquisition systems, as well as fibre-optic sensors. The EISES solution is widely used in the geothermal industry and monitors geothermal reservoirs around the world.