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The first key consideration for a seismometer is the frequency response. Typically, a lower frequency response is better for natural seismicity / larger earthquakes, while higher frequency responses are required for induced seismicity / microearthquakes. The majority of the sondes that we manufacture are gimballed… Continue reading

Recent field experience in Mexico

Our staff Peter and Michael were in Mexico for 8 weeks of Geothermal exploration work. This media article “Mexican Trip makes for seismic experience” shares their experiences.  

IESE in the Media

Check out these media articles! Kiwi company makes global mark and  Analysis company IESE Ltd turns a profit in private hands.

First Quarter under the Belt for the New IESE

We have just closed our First Quarter as the new IESE, and are extremely proud of the accomplishments of our integrated team. So far, we have project wins in Mexico, Japan, Germany, Indonesia and New Zealand. We have exceeded all our expectations so far, and… Continue reading