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Monitor one piezo live for $400/month

IESE will provide a datalogger, telemetry system and live web-access for one piezo for $400 per month. No other charges. Remove the requirement of sending a technician onsite to collect the data you need weekly/monthly/quarterly, when we can send you the data you need any… Continue reading

Major fibre-optic install is well under way

IESE is in the process of installing approximately 30km of fibre-optic geotextile mats into a roading project in NZ to monitor settlement both during and after construction. The mats are installed in three parallel trenches over the entire 10km length of the project, and provide… Continue reading

The way into fiber optics, IESE develops first fiber optic deep borehole sensor!

IESE just started a new Research and Development project, with the help of a NZ’s Callaghan Innovation grant. The end product will be a new borehole sonde, using fiber optic sensors integrated into our current NZ manufactured instrumentation range. This new sonde will allow for… Continue reading

IESE in the Media

Check out these media articles! Kiwi company makes global mark and  Analysis company IESE Ltd turns a profit in private hands.

Metry becomes IESE

After months of work, we are extremely proud to announce the formation of International Earth Sciences IESE Ltd – trading as “IESE”. IESE combines the knowledge and expertise of 11 professionals, including seismologists, geophysicists, earth scientists, and data management & telemetry specialists. Our specializations include:… Continue reading

New Premises for Metry

We have moved into our new premises in Takapuna, Auckland. We are sharing premises with another dynamic new company, AirQuality Ltd, and hoping to develop our technology platform with them. Our address is 21 Barrys Point Rd, Takapuna, down a driveway just before #19 (if… Continue reading

Metry – the name

After hearing a few interesting pronunciations of the company name, I thought I’d clarify! METRY comes from the Greek verb for Measure or Count  “μετρημα”, as in GEOMETRY (measure the Earth), TELEMETRY (measure remotely). Pronunciation is “Met Tree”, as in Telemetry.


A couple of weeks into the venture, and our first (part-time) employee is on board, to do the things that I never do (admin). January was profitable – by some significant extent too, given the fact that we only got up-and-running half-way through, and there… Continue reading