Automated Monitoring Solution

IESE presents a cost-effective plug-and-play solution for (vibrating wire) piezometers, allowing automated data collection and processing to deliver easy to interpret results in near-real time.

Benefits of our new monitoring product include:

  • Compatible with existing piezometers &/or new installations
  • Single piezometers through to larger networks
  • No more manual measurements
  • Access to your data anywhere anytime via a web-based portal
  • Multi-user support
  • One-off installation

This solution can be applied to other vibrating wire instruments including:

  • Crackmeters
  • Tiltmeters
  • Pressure/Load Cells
  • In-Place Inclinometers

Data from manually read instruments can also be incorporated into the same web-portal for ease of access, these include:

  • Inclinometers
  • Profilometers
  • Settlement plates