• Monitoring SystemsData integrity, accessibility and reliability are the key requirements of a monitoring system. Our monitoring architecture is designed to deliver these requirements. But it moves beyond “just” monitoring, with integrated vision (high-resolution Pan-Tilt_Zoom cameras), integrated vibration/seismic monitoring, and Smart Alarms.
  • Data Interpretation¬†We can help you understand what the data means, what the measurement errors are, and what systematic effects are occuring.
  • Network-in-the-Field Taking the Network as far into the field as possible provides unique opportunities for monitoring, control and vision. In addition, troubleshooting becomes a whole lot easier if your field hardware has inbuilt webservers for diagnostic purposes. Multi-path communications reduce system outages.
  • ApplicationsOpen-pit mining. Underground mining. Slope stability. Tailings dams. Civil construction. Groundwater. Dams. Geotechnical and environmental monitoring. Vibration, blast and seismic monitoring. Security. Alarms. Vision.

Geotechnical, Seismic and Environmental Monitoring

From a single piezometer to systems with integrated multi-path remote communications, IESE can help you design, buy, install, commission and operate your monitoring system. We can integrate your system with legacy installations, and integrate your data management with existing systems.


It’s about the data.

Smart Alarms

Nothing reduces confidence in a monitoring system more than false-positive alarms, or (even worse) no alarm at all when something happens. Multi-path communications, combined with Smart Alarm algorithms reduce False-alarms and No-alarms.

Beyond 3G/4G

The proliferation of smart-phones has put real pressure on mobile-phone networks. For reliable M2M communications, alternative comms paths need to be available. In addition, for some high-bandwidth applications (e.g. vision), 3G/4G battles, even under the best conditions.

Beyond Spreadsheets

Data integrity means knowing the data is safe, properly backed up (regularly), and tamper-proof. SQL databases managed in carefully controlled environments are a far better option than a spreadsheet on a C:drive!


High-resolution, low-power Pan-Tilt-Zoom IP-protocol cameras mean the site is visible from anywhere you have a good internet connection. Monitor security and operations, and if needed, use the cameras to provide input to Smart-Alarms.