Geotechnical & General Monitoring

Monitoring Systems for Linear Infrastructure 

  • Including fibre-optic sensors for temperature & settlement. We use either fibre integrated into geotextile mats, or free fibre (depending on the application).
  • Our proprietary software performs the inversions from strain to settlement.
  • We can integrate this with high frequency measurement (e.g. seismic & vibration), and with
  • Standard piezometers, inclinometers, profilometers etc.

Monitoring Solutions:

IESE helps you to design your  monitoring system, install it, run it, and maintain it.

This includes:

  • helping you to design the system,
  • deploying the system,
  • telemetering the data off-site,
  • hosting the data and
  • making it available via a web application such as Trimble T4D control.

Data Interpretation:

The acquired strain data can afterwards be used to display:

  • 2D settlement graphs as a comparison to known settlement plates
  • 3D visualization across multiple FOEG mats and
  • Top views for depths mapping across the sensor network