Seismic Systems

  • Borehole seismometer manufacture, including fibre-optic sensors
  • Seismometer installation, surface and borehole deployment
  • Real-time communications (telemetry) system installation

Seismic Processing/Analysis Solutions:

IESE helps you to design your seismic monitoring system, install it, run it, and maintain it.

IESE can help you process and analyse your data, including

  • Standard seismic processing: event detection, location and magnitude determination
  • Advanced seismic processing: shear wave splitting analysis for fracture interpretation, focal mechanism analysis for seismic source characterisation, relative event location for active seismic structure delineation, minimum 1D velocity model determination, 3D velocity tomography, stress field inversion from focal mechanisms
  • Real-time seismic monitoring: state of health system alerts and semi-automated processing and reporting
  • QC data processing
  • Joint interpretation of seismic with other geophysical data

Training services:

  • Training in seismometer installation and network operation
  • Workshops on microseismic theory and application to geothermal monitoring
  • Workshops on processing methods including practical application