The way into fiber optics, IESE develops first fiber optic deep borehole sensor!

IESE just started a new Research and Development project, with the help of a NZ’s Callaghan Innovation grant.

The end product will be a new borehole sonde, using fiber optic sensors integrated into our current NZ manufactured instrumentation range. This new sonde will allow for a wider range of measurements with far more accuracy at lower prices that provide our clients more information for their projects, mostly in the geotechnical and geothermal areas.

Instead of using single borehole instruments for each measurement, the new design will allow the combination of different types of sensor attributes with different measurement ranges into a single instrument.

The new generation of fiber optics sensors and cables, smaller, lighter and cheaper than electronic sensors, will provide higher quality signals and the possibility for broadband seismic data.

The new system of sensors and cables will also be modular, easily switchable, easy to transport and deploy, due to much lighter weight, and is futureproof.

IESE’s new sonde will open up doors for more efficient and lower priced monitoring applications.

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